This just all makes me so sad - that the situation demands a guild like this.
And I'm too cynical to believe that all this is about is the odd person's allergy to perfume ingredients and am much more inclined to believe it's about making perfumes cheaper without reducing the cost to us. I'm sure many believe as I do and I'm sure many believe that for some reason there's no way we can simply add a "BEWARE" sticker on perfume bottles. I've found it a bit of an asthetic tragedy that they even list ingredients other than alcohol, parfum, aqua but I tolerate it because I hide the boxes in a drawer so would also tolerate a "CONTAINS PEANUTS" emblem. >.>

All that said I'm so glad to hear that someone, somewhere is making a stand and am inclined to investigate and perhaps join the NPG.

Thanks for the heads up

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