I potentially have an opportunity to learn piano tuning in a piano rental store, and get paid to tune up the pianos on their floor. The boss seems to think I can be trained to do that. I am wondering if it could be a very meditative activity that could open the gateway to a profession that would sustain me for a living. This initial job, provided I can be trained for it, would not necessarily be a very frequent job. Originally I was working with some piano maintenance, but it proved too difficult for me, the refinishing tasks at any rate I messed up too many times on.

The catch is that I had a recent hiccup in my mental health. I would want this to be a job I could really tolerate. I believe I could easily get lost in the right task and that mentality could be instrumental to piano tuning. I have good pitch awareness and a good ear, the question is if I have the patience and motor skills, and can develop the calm. And if I can be properly motivated to learn and excel.

Please help.

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