I haven't done anything with my system other than general as the 5450 is no gaming card and it's a fanless Low profile version and so I'm itching to see how poorly Mortal Kombat X runs(heard its unoptimised) and see if Anno 2205 runs well enough.

the plus to the system option is the 7750 for a temp status to game and to check what motherboard/processor it has to compare with mine plus it has some no brand 450w I could fit the 5450 In with and sell on the system and the 650ti option is for longer term, better gaming experience potential and don't have to travel far to get it, There isn't much options coming up for good cards at good prices that I can buy on the spot that won't be crippled or too crippled by my system memory limit, mean there's a gtx 460 1gb for £20, just don't know.

Please help.


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