I have software to connect to a device (PLC) on my local machine, the license is very expensive. I have a commercial license for TeamViewer, and I have the VPN installed. Since a VPN can not be installed locally on the device, I have a computer connected to the device over Ethernet. I am trying to connect my software through the remote host computer into the device. I am able to ping the device locally from the remote host. Then I am establishing a connection over the TeamViewer VPN. Now is where I am stuck, I have added a route from the vpn to the device subnet
[route add (IP of device subnet) mask (IP of Remote host) metric 1]
And I can ping the remote host internal IP from the TeamViewer VPN IP, the same connection that can ping the device, but I can't ping the device itself. I have tried every combination of sharing connections and making bridges that I can. any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Please help.


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